But it’s cold, isn’t it
as it should it be
this degradation
this unholiest of assumptions
You. Do. Not. Know. Me.
You. Do. Not. Care. To. Know. Me.
You write me off with your
upper class fountain pen
convinced that all I am
is a lie
What? That’s not
what I’m saying.
Oh, but you scream it
with your disinvitation
the unwelcome chill in your eyes
You don’t show me a smile
You show me a grimace
But they see the authority
and never question that maybe
just maybe you can be
That step has always been there
I know because I’ve been that step
that is never swept
and hardly acknowledged
but you wouldn’t reach the door
if it weren’t for that
god’s damned step
But I’m all she needs
But I’m all she needs
Who’s the liar now.


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