It’s all been so
these pages of trying
So much I’d say
if there were words
But the curve of this consonant
the pace of this verb
can’t capture the thunder
rattling the cage
that has kept this heart broken
Come away from here
It’s cold and dark here
Come away
my Prince
You weren’t supposed to be real
A stack of longing
shoved under the bed
beside forgotten dog toys
and grade school papers
A lockbox full of secrets
that I could never keep
“Dear Stranger, where are you?”
“Dear Stranger, I’m here.”
“Dear Stranger, please find me.”
“Dear Stranger, I’m yours.”
Cast your crown upon
another time
a moment without pain
It’s cold and dark here
my Prince
Come away with me
I’ll keep you safe here
Dear Prince, fight
’til your lungs bleed
Come away
These vowels
These fragments
These shards of the past
haven’t changed at all
But that box
isn’t under the bed anymore
No, it’s not missing
No, it’s not damaged
It’s just


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