wake up and do it all over again
YES that’s what everyone does
You’re NOT a special snowflake
You are one of a billion rain drops
splattering on grimy cement
We are all filthy
We have all fallen
The world won’t stop for you
because it stops for no one
Fathers die and
daughters hate themselves
for not saying “I love you”
on the last night
Girls are held down and forced
to watch their virtue
torn away
SHIT HAPPENS you coward
And life is immeasurably painful
But you want rose petals
thrown before your feet?
You want others to set their hurt
aside so you can crouch down
and get a piggy-back ride?
“I’m not a child”
(Then why are you acting like one?)
I don’t want you dead
I don’t want that call
I don’t want that cat
to lap up the blood
on the rim of the bathtub
But I won’t can’t be that person
that empties her stomach
heaving and expelling
from bile-crusted lips
I can’t be the only light
because you won’t let anyone else
carry a candle
I can’t be your home
without evicting myself first
You’re sad and tired of fighting
and I understand but
you dare say
that no one cares


One thought on “WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME

  1. Elyssa was write you do write gorgeous, lush, poetry. I particularly resonated with this one because it expresses all the love and frustration one feels at the inability to help/heal/divert someone else’s tragedy. It’s so horribly necessary, horrible and also gratifying and rewarding to maintain integrity in the face of the other’s self-defined needs. Heartbreaking. Loved the line – “I can’t be your home without evicting myself first.” I’ll be back

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