I don’t mind chains, girl.  But I didn’t want to be chained.  I held onto that leather and I tried.  I tightened the knots and I tried.  But you needed more and I’m not condemning you for that.  So don’t condemn me if I don’t want all that blood.  I let it go, you know.  I let so much go, and you still vilified me because I wanted something else.  How much can we take?  What about all that joy?  Wasn’t there joy?  Or was it a knight rescuing the damsel?  Did the knight know that the damsel jumped off of that high tower?  Is that fair?  Does it make me a monster if I temper my feelings into syntax?  You said I was dead inside because I didn’t argue.  What’s the point if it’s one-sided?  Why demand when I’ve already given everything?  You’ve turned the gun on me, you fool, and who told you how to remove the safety?  ME.  Because I wanted to save you.  It didn’t occur to me that I was doing it at the expense of my own happiness.  I hate that I’m angry with myself.  I should’ve known that I wasn’t helping.  But things were easy until the sun came up and shed light on all the shadows.  I had my own bag of skeletons.  I wasn’t immaculate.  But we both had to try, and I couldn’t push anymore.  So stop pushing back.


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