Slide down
the expanse of skin
Leave scorch marks
with translucent nails
raking passion
across a secret world
that has only been offered
freely to you, Stranger

Take this quill and draw a map
Scale these points
Cover them with your hands
(But only if you need me)
A fourth of July popsicle
held by the sun

Mark these indentations
as your territory
because no one has looked at me
the way you have
So I beg you to touch me
as no one has
(Do you want me? Can you feel this?)

The circles you trace
on the inside of my wrist
My mind strays to dimly-lit chambers
and your hand moving beneath the sheets
Around and around
quickening the pattern
completing the circuit

The snow breaks apart
and starts to fall
and breath is held
for the avalanche

Crash around me

What does it sound like?
Is it the same cadence
as the bird
fluttering in my throat
Electric flight

Oh, will you ever come
to me?


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