Oh, Nimbus City
I looked at you with such disgust
your grey rooks and bishops
destroying the sky line
the odor permeating the smog
suffocating the safety promised
on screen and in glossy pages
in unsuspecting waiting rooms

Tell me why, Nimbus City
why I suddenly can’t get
enough of you
when that hand reaches for me
and I feel owned

Are you angry, Nimbus City?
I no longer walk your streets
with eyes downward cast
I don’t want to miss the moonrise beside me
I feel weightless
an enemy to gravity
because something else is holding me

It’s not science
It’s not logic
It’s not cause and effect
It’s animal
It’s magic
It simply is

Come here, Nimbus City
and fear me for once
Feel these strides across shadowed alleyways
the determined steps of doubly knotted shoes
that have finally stopped tripping
You’ll have to find
something else
to entertain yourself now

Fingers reach for mine
The heat is almost too much
but we’d rather sweat than be apart
Because something feels wrong
Because something is missing
Because something was lost
Because something’s been found
Because, Nimbus City
this girl likes the rain
and doesn’t mind


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