Take one end of this ribbon
and wave it through the crowd
Did you tell them to be careful?
It’s made of papier-mâché

Duck under the tall one with
the messy brown hair
that you loved
Your fingers never forgot the way it felt
when you gripped
and commanded
and showed her a side that had been
caged and crying

Pass behind the small one
with sapphire eyes and a smile
like a shark
The mischief spark
in the curve of her hips
the Spanish on her tongue
when she said goodnight
The pulse between your thighs
when she came
to you
But only when she wanted to

Who’s that man in the corner?
No, don’t move towards him!
He destroyed everything, EVERYTHING
You were hollow and he filled you
but it was violation
that broke you in the end
So clueless
So lonely
That you made an enemy
You made a mistake
that you’re still paying for now

You skipped one, the girl with the
freckles who cried the first time
she heard you sing
Maybe her body knew that
you would only hurt her

And don’t forget her, the one you ruined
There was nothing wrong
but you had to sabotage
and she fled to the opposite coast
to wash herself of the
disgusting stains you left
on her clothes

No one can get far enough away from you
They’re all gone
and you remain
holding onto these streamers
watching them soak up the rain
from the ground


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