Grace comes at a price
A token exchanged between calloused hands
and no one ever
to ask if it’s worth it

Because they want the smooth lines of a swan
and the hypnotic saunter of a deer
walking into a trap
where pride always wins
and the car crashes
headlights broken
All for a length of hair
a toss of scent over a shoulder
with a chisel embedded there

Why don’t you just take it out?

It’s easy
Take and snap
the blade won’t last
It’s carved out too many gargoyles in stone
and it’s tired from being used

A first resort
A last resort
A way to make the pieces fit
Don’t rush, Beauty
You’ll scare the reflection away
Before it has time to strangle you
with velvet hands and corded grip

This is what you always wanted.

To move like they do
in a static frame
and mirror what you really are

So why aren’t you running?
What do you see?
Not a bird but a broken wing
splintered white and cherry-tipped
because a girl on the other side of the glass
ripped the wings from a back that she was
sick of seeing

Stop turning away
Face me
you crumbling coward
A fistful of flight in your hand
and a pledge of allegiance to your self hate
your red-splashed flag

and tell me
you wouldn’t stare


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