Can you fly without falling
or does that misstate the truth?
And when the wind shuts around your ears
is it too loud? Or too nothing?

Lurch and lope through a forest of
Or are you just hoping it’ll be
here in this
gilded cage
Because the most precious things aren’t
the heaviest to carry

Hey, Jumper, here’s a secret: it all melts

Don’t get too close
You won’t recognize your own name anymore
No, not when you’re suspended in lullaby
Trip and break and brake
before you wake up
Shock the blood in blue tunnels
under a supernova flare

Those oceans?
You can hardly keep your head above them

Is it the same through the blue up
and the blue down?
There are specters everywhere
chameleoned in folds of curtains
that are pulled back at six ante meridiem
They always come back
But the fire is so warm
and it cancels out the chill
from the lazy hand of zeus
who didn’t want the girl to survive

She had wings tucked into her jacket
and when she jumped
she knew she would soar


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